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Ten-Year Update 1/1/2022:

In 2011 blogging was becoming a thing for professionals and WordPress was making it easier. I love to write, share and learn, so Leading With Content was born. Ninety posts later and the blog has become a travel log of my career journey through B2B Marketing.

What started as an exploration of Content Marketing grew to encompass many related topics:

Some of my early posts about the marvels of Marketing Automation and Paid Search reflect points in time. Other topics such as Customer Experience and ABX continue to evolve. Half of the blog’s most popular posts have focused on ABX, my current professional focus.

As my LinkedIn network grew past 2500, I began sharing many posts there for greater visibility and dialogue. Join me in either platform as I continue to explore the evolution of B2B Marketing. I’d be pleased to have you as a traveling companion.

Thanks for reading! Lorena Harris

Lorena Harris
Please share blog ideas here. Thanks so much for paying it forward!

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  1. Mark Morton says:

    Hey Lorena,

    I have seen your posts on LinkedIn, but just today “drilled” to this blog site. Good information. Thanks. I enjoyed the visit.


  2. Chip Bell says:

    Another thought provoking, insightful blog from the brilliant Lorena Harris.

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