About Lorena Harris

Skills and Experience:

  • A top-tier MBA with both strategic and tactical experience
  • 25 years of progressive Marketing responsibility, beginning with B2C-focused agencies and moving to large B2B service companies
  • Areas of expertise: Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Demand Generation, CRM/Marketing Automation, Product Marketing, Sales Enablement, Marketing Operations, Marketing Research, Brand Strategy, PR/Communications, Customer Experience
  • Industry Experience: Financial Services, Payments, Telecom, Outsourcing, Payroll, Technology, SaaS, Digital Services
  • Adept at marketing portfolios with a mix of software and services to segments across the board
  • Expertise in designing multi-channel Thought Leadership programs for brand building and demand generation
  • Resume and Professional Files (on Box.net)

About This Site:

This blog has evolved with my career.  What began as an exploration of customer experience marketing, grew to include discussions of modern marketing techniques such as content marketing (a.k.a. thought leadership) and marketing automation systems.  I’ve included case studies from my leadership roles at several large B2B companies, and welcome thoughts and examples from you.  Let’s explore this new marketing landscape together!

Lorena Harris
LinkedIn profile


2 Responses to About Lorena Harris

  1. Mark Morton says:

    Hey Lorena,

    I have seen your posts on LinkedIn, but just today “drilled” to this blog site. Good information. Thanks. I enjoyed the visit.


  2. Chip Bell says:

    Another thought provoking, insightful blog from the brilliant Lorena Harris.

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