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Marketing Megatrends for 2018 – A Lot to Digest

According to Matthew Sweezey’s 11/29/17 article in MarketingProfs, we can expect “Five Marketing Megatrends for 2018”. I’ve digested and summarized those megatrends below. But are these attainable for companies without mega-budgets? Let’s examine: Context Replaces Advertising as a Growth Lever … Continue reading

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Becoming a B2B Marketing Digital Native, Part 2

When I started this blog fourteen months ago, I was unemployed and very motivated to cure that condition. I had been offered an involuntary sabbatical from my corporate marketing career, and decided to use the time to remake myself into … Continue reading

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Today’s Mobile Bubble

Today I attended MobileXcincy, a conference that assembled mobile experts and enterprises from around the OH, KY, IN region. Presenters flew in from around the country to address a packed house. Enthusiasm, numbers and ideas flew all day, and I … Continue reading

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When Customers Speak Out, Pay Attention or Watch Out

This week, alongside many articles designed to amplify popular fascinations, CNN ran an article about customer experience entitled, How Social Media Are Amplifying Customer Outrage (http://bit.ly/rcOik5). In this op-ed, Mashable bureau chief Chris Taylor gives several examples of social media … Continue reading

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Thought Leadership on Customer Experience: Part 1

Are you a client, customer or consumer?  No doubt all of the above, depending on the product or service in question.  Likewie, there are probably lots of reasons you initially decided to do business with the vendors, retailers and service … Continue reading

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