Content Contentment

What to Do If You’re Not Content With Your Content

Growing companies accumulate a lot of content – good, bad and ugly. Marketing generates everything from short-form materials such as blogs, posts, and web copy to long-format content such as white papers and eBooks. And don’t forget all the collateral and presentations generated out of Sales.

Content libraries need regular attention. Content can quickly become out-of-date, portions may be off-brand or off-message, and most needs alignment to a persona journey or selling stage. But your staff is busy with new projects and doesn’t have the bandwidth to audit, cull and refresh your content library. That means good content is going to waste, bad content is still in circulation, and your customers are not getting what they need when they need it.

If your marketing-to-sales pipeline is riddled with content-sized holes, I can help. I have been developing content-driven demand-generation engines for Fortune-500 B2B companies since 2002. Take a look at  my LinkedInResume etc, and Blog to see the results, media and awards earned along the way. Now you have a resource to get your content house in order.

My Content Contentment program includes a range of a la carte services. Depending on your needs I can:

  • Undertake an audit of existing assets in all formats
  • Group assets based on products, messages and targets
  • Evaluate and sort into “keep/discard/refresh” categories
  • Improve descriptions, gating and tagging of content to be kept
  • Work with digital teams to remove/replace content to be discarded
  • Prepare a roadmap for processing of content to be refreshed or created
  • Align existing and planned content to persona journeys and/or selling stages
  • Interview internal SMEs for context on rewrites and new assets
  • Rewrite content as needed, using key words to support optimization
  • Work with internal teams to develop new content as required
  • Work with digital teams to deploy content in accordance
  • Improve tracking to map content consumption, score for qualification and hand off to Sales
  • Coordinate with Marketing & Sales stakeholders to maximize content usage
  • Equip your internal resources to continue best practices.

Contractual Flexibility:

  • Custom SOWs negotiable based on needs.
  • Three-month minimum contract. Renewable in monthly extensions.
  • NDAs in effect in all cases. Exclusivity can be negotiated within industries.

If you’re not content with your content, give me a call. We’ll discuss your specific needs and design a program that puts your library in order short-term and supports an effective demand-generation engine long-term.

Thanks, Lorena Harris