Content Marketing at Convergys 2007-2010

Content Marketing has been an area of significant focus in my roles since 2005. At ADP, Convergys, and Vantiv I developed successful thought leadership campaigns centered around primary research on customer experience within each industry.  A thought leadership program positions the company as a “value-added” consultative provider, serves as content for multi-channel marketing campaigns, and provides the sales team with substantive content for client/prospect conversations.

Convergys Scorecard Series 2007-2010
Download the award-winning Convergys 2010 Scorecard Series White Papers

At Convergys I led a thought leadership program designed around primary research on customer experience with contact centers.  By triangulating the perspectives of customers, employees, and companies we were able to identify trends and disconnects. Our annual primary research, the Scorecard Series, encompassed:

  • More than 3,000 large-company customers in the U.S. and U.K.
  • More than 1,500 large-company employees
  • More than 125 senior executives in
  • 9 key industries, including Financial Services, Telecom, and Technology

The surveys asked customers about recent experiences with large companies, then asked employees about the customer experiences they provided. Finally, executives were asked to evaluate how well they thought their companies delivered the experiences their customers expected.

Download Convergys 2009 Scorecard Series White Papers

The Convergys Scorecard Series provided decision makers with a unique view of the marketplace, how that marketplace was changing, and how they and their companies could respond. Some of the themes explored in the 2010 Scorecard Series webinars, white papers, and eNewsletters were as follows:

  • The New Recessionary Consumer
  • The Deepening Demographic Divide
  • Executive Perspectives on Customer Experience
  • Employee Perspectives on Customer Service
  • Understanding Loyalty  and Cultivating Super Loyalty

CVG Scorecard Samples

Selected Results From Convergys Scorecard Series (Year 3)

  • Lead Generation – Funneled >1000 qualified leads to the sales force in 2010
  • Revenue – Directly contributed to the signing of Microsoft, United Health Group and Dell contracts worth >$239M (TCV)
  • More than 200 industry-specific presentations of the research findings to clients and prospects, including: AT&T, Barclays, Bank of America, CIGNA, Cisco, Citi, Comcast, Dell, EMC, GE, Home Depot, Honda, Kroger, Lenovo, Microsoft, O2, Orange, Sprint, TWC, T-Mobile, UHG, and Wellpoint
  • More than 30 client-requested presentations of specific topics from the research findings, including:
    • Financial Services (Key Bank, HSBC and BofA)
    • Credit Cards (AmEx, Mastercard, Citi, and BarclayCard UK)
    • Technology (Microsoft, CISCO and Dell)
    • Satellite/Cable TV (C5 Cable Summit, T-Mobile and Comcast)
    • Healthcare (Walgreens)
  • Brand Enhancement – In addition to dozens of articles in national and trade publications, Convergys’ research was featured in prominent textbooks (Kotler) and in the Harvard Business Review.

This program is repeatable and can be effective in any B2B industry. If you’re interested in learning more, let’s talk!  



About Lorena Harris

Lorena Harris has more than 20 years of marketing leadership experience with large business service companies. Her expertise is in designing research-based content marketing programs for brand building and demand generation. Since earning her MBA from Duke, Lorena has built revenue-generating marketing programs for $B+ B2B service companies such as Fiserv, First Data and Vantiv (financial services), ADP (employee benefit services), Convergys (contact center services) and Donnelly (publishing services). More information available on
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